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Death II

Taiwan is a free religion country and it is peaceful between religions.Some of people go to temple but also don't mind to go to church or mosque.Every god is equal here.
Me for example, sometimes I don't know that I believe in Taoism or Buddhism. I can't make differences between gods of these religion.They all looks alike.But I don't mind.Religion is just a relieve and comfort for mind and soul to me.

I thought time can be wasted when I was young. I was shocked when I saw close relatives took their last breathe in front of me.
Time is truly limited and can't be stoped for a minute for anyone.
Sometimes, I think what do I leave to this world.
Fortunately,I'm an artist.I can paint and draw something and left it to generations.
Unfortunately ,we are just not even a dust in this cosmos.What are we living for what? I don't know. Life is a mystery and we never know. Life is too short.

Come back to this piece "Death II",I mixed some religion meaning and Taiwanian culture. The life of cycle and the Life after life. I draw some patterns that is came on Taoist priest robe.The colors I use that is came from Taiwanian Taoist funeral. I wish this piece could show some of my angle where I live and came from. But I also hide a lot metaphor in it that I don't want to speak it out. They are waiting you to feel and dig.

"Death II" is the hymn that I give to life and this world.

-Casimir Lee.






-Casimir Lee。